Fashion Blog

A fashion blog may cover many things like particular items of accessories and clothing, trends in many different apparel markets, street fashion choices trends. They are covering all levels of fashion from the biggest names to smallest indie designers. Many of the fashion blogs can be categorized as the shopping bags, because most conversation is a shopping advice, laced liberally with the consumer recommendations. This is really similar to the fashion magazines content. Some of the retailers in the industry of fashion started blogs of their own in promoting their products.

Some of the blogs are focusing on the fashion advice, which features how-to kind of articles. In this way, their readers may learn about how the clothes should fit, how they need to colors and some other similar information and not concentrating that much on what you will buy, instead, on how you would buy. They are focusing to give fashion insights and debating about fashion-related controversies. Blogs that just mention fashion occasionally are not being categorized as fashion blogs, even though they can be labeled by the blogger as such.

Impact of Fashion Blog on the Fashion Industry

Fashion is a multi-million dollar industry having considerable impact on the way that the ordinary people are dressing and presenting themselves. But, there’s more to fashion as compared to that of the different articles of clothing, fashion is made up the buyers, designers, columnists, retailers and editors. While all of the parties are working together in creating an image, all these parties may be affected simultaneously by the outside force, especially blogs. Fashion is driven by trends and fashion blogs are providing a new way of following and overseeing these fast-paced trends, it is more likely that the blogosphere will be having a long term considerable influence on the industry, as the number of blogs that are based on fashion continue growing.

Impact from the Reader’s Standpoint

The blogosphere opened up many doors for the industry of fashion, one of which allows the ordinary people in partaking in the world of elite fashion. In 2008, the former blogger and fashion writer who won Pulitzer Prize, Robin Givhan, has claimed that the fashion blogs democratized the fashion industry. He also wrote in Harpers Bazaar that the fashion blogger’s rise has evolved from a dominated aristocratic business by the omnipotent designers to a democratic one wherein everyone are able to access into the stylistic clothes, the average people, usually estranged from fashion, do not take ownership of the world of fashion, which include people of all different genders, social standings and races.

Unlike the television shows and magazines focusing on fashion, fashion blogs will be able to be update more often to keep up to date with the latest, new and the up and coming fashion trends. Not just are the fashions blogs quicker and easier to access, many of the blog readers stated that fashion blogs are more updated and amore personable on both foreign and local trends. These kind of blogs granted unlimited access to the world of fashion to anyone that has connections to the computer.

A fashion blogger also stated that today, before the runway show of a designer has even completed, you may bet your dollars that anyone from the audience, or better still, in the backstage has been recording each signature shoe, silhouette, the styling details and the sulking supermodel, then upload it online for the watchers all throughout the world to enjoy. Unlike the newspaper and mainstream magazines wherein they are constricted to what they are writing, blogs are having the ease to write about anything that interests you, and it allows you for broader spectrum of the fashion trends.

Impact from an Advertising Standpoint

Many fashion blogs serve as a free source of an advertisement to both the fashion retail stores and designers. These free advertisements are having a heavy influence about the fashion designers of many different standings, to help in giving a name to the small up and coming designers and to bring the high end designers to be back to life. While most of the independent bloggers are not paying to critique or mention the products of the designers, most of the top fashion bloggers have been said to be receiving free samples of the pieces of the designer that they have mentioned in their fashion blogs and some of the top fashion bloggers are being paid as they wear and publish a brand name product on their social media account such as Instagram.

In the conducted study through Biz360 Community, it has been found that about 53 percent of the magazine coverage of “New York City Fashion Week” came from fashion blogs and articles online. While a massive portion of what has been written in the blogs have come from many different mainstream fashion resource newspaper articles and magazines like “New York Magazine” and Coutorture, these fashion blogs have provided a wider reading and viewing audience for the fashion week.

In the previous years, the American Express became involved increasingly in the “New York City Fashion Week” and in the American Express 2011 have sponsored Evolving Influence, the 1st international conference for bloggers in New York City. Throughout the conference, there are many studies and surveys that took place on the tactics and usefulness used in fashion blogs. During the study, it has been found that bloggers are much more comfortable to report in real time and to incorporate the social tools in their designers and runway trends opinions. It has been found that after Fashion Week, 63 percent of all the written articles related to fashion week has mentioned American Express, the main sponsor of Evolving Influence. These blogs were not paid directly in order to mention American Express, so they have served as a free source of American Express advertisement.